ShareGoogle Map View Using the Google Maps library, you can create your own map-viewing Activity. In this tutorial, you’ll create a simple map application in two parts. In Part 1, you’ll create an app that shows a map the user can pan and zoom. In Part 2, you’ll add overlay items that mark points of interest. This tutorial requires that […]

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ShareAndroid Operating System  Open Source It is an open source operating system and that opens doors for small business and developers to customize it and develop innovative applications. This is why android has a large community of developers working on it, which result into more innovative ideas, applications and low cost applications. And customers have a wide range of applications […]

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ShareKSOAP 2 “KSOAP is a SOAP web service client library for constrained java environment such as Applet or J2ME applications”. It also provides a light weight and efficient SOAP library for android platform (ksoap2-android) with some more features and enhancements. They take quick actions to fix the bugs and takes in the contribution and release updates regularly.   Ksoap2-android is licensed […]

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