ShareiPhone control Panel is Free for Hosting Hut customers   iPhone control panel provides exactly the same level of functionality as the normal control panel. Using Iphone control panel of Hosting Hut you can manager all your web hosting accounts. Login to your web mail, view system status updates and view your webalizer analystics statistics.  Along with this you can also view […]

ShareGoogle Tv Google introduces internet TV platform in UK which turns your telly into an internet enabled computer. This is a joint venture of google with intel, sony and Logitech. Google TV integrates Android and Linux version of Chrome to create an inteeractive television which overlay on top of existing internet television and WebTV. Previously this service was available in […]

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ShareApple launches its latest mobile operating system ( iOS6)  at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The operating system, which runs on its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and this does not include Google map software in it. Now users of these devices have to use apple own mapping application, which has a high quality 3D mode as well. Google […]

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ShareA game which tests players’ ability to disguise their flatulence with the sound of traffic has stormed to the top of the free app charts. Hide the Fart by Santpal Dhillon gets users to break wind at a bus stop at the same time vehicles speed past in order to drown out the noise. The comedy game secured top spot […]

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