Samsung Chrome Box Series 3

samsung mini desktop pc

samsung mini desktop pc



This is the most compact way to upgrade your desktop computer. The samsung chromebox series 3 offers all the power of a desktop computer condensed into one tiny box. It’s the very definition of simplicity, which still broadcasting the fastest startup and thousands of apps so you can push the boudries of working, playing, living and sharing [Samsung]. Since your apps, files and photos are sored in the cloud, therefore you don’t need any software maintenace and also you can access you staff from anywhere.


Samsung also claimed that it is fast to use and will not slow down over time. Built in security system will protect you from virus. Apps are available for all your needs and keep the backup of your files on the cloud.  Updates are free so always have a chance to grap updates and make it beter and better.

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Samsung chromebox

Samsung chromebox


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