Red October is stealing data

A new malware has been detected Kaspersky (Russian computer security firm). This malware has been stealing data from high level government computers, scientific computers and phones for the last five years. But no anti-virus is able to detect this and it is still undetected.

This malware is named as “dubbed Red October” which is capable of stealing confidential files, including files that have been encrypted or even deleted from a device like a computer, flash drive or phone It also looks for files that are encrypted using encryption styles favoured by NATO as well as other European states.

Red October - New Virus Discovered

red october

The malware has been using four well-known security vulnerabilities.

The main purpose of the operation appears to be the gathering of classified information and geopolitical intelligence; although it seems that the information gathering scope is quite wide.

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Red October – New Virus Discovered

According to researchers, during last five years, the attackers have collected information from thousands of high profile victims although it’s unknown how the information is used. In other words hundreds of terabytes of information have been stolen by Red October since 2007, but no one is sure who created the virus. It uses methods that are Chinese in origin, but the code itself contains Russian slang words. According to American news agency Russia is a likely be the origin, given the slang used in it and some other technical details in the code that are typically used to accommodate Cyrillic characters.

Kaspersky also mentioned that there are hundreds of infections across the globe, including at least six in the United States.

Red October – New Virus Discovered

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