Motorola Advanced Technology and Projects Group Chief Regina Dugan disclosed over the weekend at the D11 conference that the tech they are working on electronic tattoo to make human body a tool for identification.

To develop this flexible tattoo technology they are working with MC10 (an unknown company so far). This is made up of various sensors and gages to track multiple directions, heart activity, light and temperature.

electronic tattoo

electronic tattoo

This electronic tattoo can be used for opening computers or other password protected accounts, it can also track muscle movements around speech and brain signal.

Along with this electronic tattoo, Motorola is experimenting with a password pill that a person can swallow. Using stomach acids, they person then transmit a sign to devices outside the body.

It can be turn on and off using embedded switch and generates an 18-bit signal similar to an electrocardiogram. Since the human body conducts electricity therefore the authentication could be activated by touch.

The pill already has FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval registered by the company Proteus Digital Health for medical applications such as recording when medicine is ingested.

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