Executive team

Mudassir Abbass Balti, Chief information officer (CIO)

Mudassir Abbass Balti

MS from Linköpings university, Sweden.

Muddassir has an extensive background in IT Management and wireless networks. During his Ten Year career at Solutionext he held various positions, including Project Manager, General Manager and European Director.



Emraan Ali Khan, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mudassir Abbass Balti

Graduated from University of Gloucestershire

After completing a degree at University of Gloucestershire , Emraan join solutionext as a Chief Financial Officer and is heading the accounts Department. Being a chief moneyman he is responsible for all aspects of the company’s finances.



Shabbir Rozi, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Mudassir Abbass Balti

Master of Business Administration from University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi

Shabbir is the marketing guru of solutionext and his role includes planning, advertising, public relations, organising events, distribution, sponsorship and research.