Solutionext is a software development house consist of almost 200 IT specialist all around the world.  The basic aim of this website is to share our professional experience with the IT community with a view to develop their professional skills. Here we also provide solution to the problems and give technology updates to the information technology community, which will help them to get in touch with latest news and technologies.  This platform will also help the professionals to exchange their ideas with other professional all around the world.

Solutionext’s is one of the leading software development company and we deliver our projects through our fully trained and experienced professionals. We work with long-term relationships in mind. At Solutionext, we never lose sight of our commitment to fulfilling the needs of each client, building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship on that foundation.

Solutionext employes functional and technical professionals including Senior Project Managers, programmers, developers, web designers, Quality Assurance and technical experts who possess strong problem-solving and multi-tasking abilities.

We offers web and application software development, software products, offshore software development, freelancing, professional outsourcing, software consultancy, Quality assurance, technical writing, and other allied services under one roof. This allows us to offer the most comprehensive and responsive approach towards your projects.


Our Multimedia, Web Development, Software Development, Mobile Software Development and Service experience has been in various industries. Some of these major ones are:

  • Android 
  • Mobile Applications
  • Accounting
  • E-Commerce
  • Banking
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Processing
  • Utilities companies
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Showbiz