ShareOutlook Dot com is a new personal email service by Microsoft. This time Microsoft comes up with a cleaner look, very few ads around and powerful integration with social networking sites such as twitter and facebook.   Chris Jones, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Live says “we think the time is right to reimagine personal email, from the datacenter to the user experience.” If you are already using Microsoft’s […]

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ShareProtect Your Website, Your Visitors & Your Reputation StopTheHacker is a special product provided by Hosting Hut, which has been designed to protect your website and your website’s visitors from malicious code injections, attacks and infections. StopTheHacker is complementary to your anti-spam, anti-virus, and network firewalls. There is no software for you to install and there is no need for you to change anything in order to take advantage of […]

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ShareSamsung Chrome Box Series 3     This is the most compact way to upgrade your desktop computer. The samsung chromebox series 3 offers all the power of a desktop computer condensed into one tiny box. It’s the very definition of simplicity, which still broadcasting the fastest startup and thousands of apps so you can push the boudries of working, playing, living and sharing [Samsung]. Since your apps, files and […]

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ShareScientists who tested 19 different kinds of cola found trace amounts of alcohol in 10 of the samples. According to this latest tests conducted by the National Consumer Institute (INC) in paris, France, Brand leaders of coco cola and pepsi are among the drinks.   French magazine 60 Million Consumers published the results of the tests, saying that the alcohol levels are up to 10 mg per liter and this works out […]

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Share YouView, Internet TV service launches in UK What is YouView? It is an internet TV service that combines the United Kingdom which was formally launched on 4th july 2012. It is a joint venture of BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5; Along with three other communication companies Arqiva, BT and Talk Talk. It consists of set top box with an aerial and connected with an internet connection, which […]

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ShareUK Judge said that HTC has not copied 4 technologies which Apple had claimed as its own. Only patent that was ruled to be valid related to Apple’s photo management software, but HTC did not infrige on it, according to court. The other three patents which declare as invalid are multi touch software, alphabet changing software and  “slide to unlock a mobile phone “. Judge also added that they cannot ban imports […]

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ShareFinally apple settle down its big trouble in china, they has paid paid 60 million US dollars to settle a dispute in China over ownership of the iPad name, a court announced, removing a potential obstacle to sales of the popular tablet computer in the key Chinese market. Apple’s dispute with Shenzhen Proview Technology highlighted the possible pitfalls for global companies in China’s infant trademark system, and also posed a challenge […]

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ShareiPhone control Panel is Free for Hosting Hut customers   iPhone control panel provides exactly the same level of functionality as the normal control panel. Using Iphone control panel of Hosting Hut you can manager all your web hosting accounts. Login to your web mail, view system status updates and view your webalizer analystics statistics.  Along with this you can also view your invoice on your iphone. Life becomes easy if you […]

ShareGoogle Tv Google introduces internet TV platform in UK which turns your telly into an internet enabled computer. This is a joint venture of google with intel, sony and Logitech. Google TV integrates Android and Linux version of Chrome to create an inteeractive television which overlay on top of existing internet television and WebTV. Previously this service was available in UK in which you can the web, read emails, watch […]

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Share  Google is now entering the UK television market with the launch of its interactive TV series for British consumers. A tie-up with electronics giant Sony will see Google’s interactive TV service made available outside the US for the first time with viewers able to surf the internet, watch videos and play games on TV.  

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